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Reiki for Pets: Animals Benefit from Reiki Healing Techniques

We often get asked the question, “Can I do Reiki on my pets?” The answer is a resounding YES!

Reiki for PetsAnimals crave Reiki perhaps even more than people and they can benefit greatly from regular Reiki treatments. Reiki can also strengthen your bond with your pet and enrich your relationship with them.

Just as with humans, Reiki can help ailing animals, healthy animals and animals nearing transition. But giving Reiki to animals and pets can be quite different than giving it to people. Dogs, cats, horses and any animals feel energy more than most humans. And many animals are more open to receiving energy than some humans. So the administering of Reiki to pets is a bit different than with humans.

When treating people with Reiki, normally you will lay hands on the body or just off the body but within the base aura. When treating animals with Reiki, you may find that the animal walks off if you try to lay hands on – or give Reiki in any sort of structured way!

Remember when working with animals to let them dictate the terms of the treatment. If they allow you to do hands on, great. If they walk (or run) away from you when you lay hands on, let them go.

The best way to give Reiki to animals is to simply create a safe, positive space.

  • Sit yourself on the floor and begin the Reiki process by holding your hands palms up and imagining universal life force energy coming in through your crown chakra and radiating down your body and out of the palms of your hand.
  • Visualize your pet happy, healthy and doing the thing they love most! Keep that positive image in mind. Don’t focus on what’s wrong, focus on what you want for your pet – health and happiness!
  • How does your pet or animal react? Just note their behavior. Some animals may gravitate toward you. Others may keep their distance. Some may become agitated and leave the room altogether – if this happens you can figure that the Reiki session is over for today!
  • Once your pet understands that you are willing and able to give them Reiki, you may find that they begin asking for it. Whenever you sit down they may come to you and nudge your hands or offer a particular body part to you – perhaps one that is causing them some discomfort.
  • Over time you may find that your animal welcomes your hands on them – or they may never want that, but prefer to accept the energy from a distance. Bottom line on doing pet and animal Reiki, is to do it their way.

A friend of mine doing Reiki on a horse had a fascinating experience. The horse allowed hands-on Reiki. Once he got comfortable with the energy began directing my friend when to shift positions by scratching at the dirt with his hoof!

Reiki on pets and animals can be one of the most rewarding practices. Just remember to be patient with your animal, understanding that they do things very differently from humans and that they are much more sensitive to the energy than most people.

Want to learn more about Reiki? Take a Reiki Class or attend a Reiki Share.

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