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Dan Craft: Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Energy Healer

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Dan Craft has been practicing various methods of energy healing in Nashville and surrounding areas for many years. He is a retired Air Force Survival Equipment Instructor and understands through life experience how energy healing can help with mental, physical and emotional trayma.

Dan is Oneness Blessing Certified, Reiki Certified, and also teaches Yoga and Pilates.

His sessions often incorporate a combination of alternative health techniques including:

  • Reiki
  • Healing Touch
  • Chakra Diagnosing and Balancing
  • Breathwork for Emotional Release
  • Energy Healing
  • Healing with Pendulums, Crystals and Pyramids
  • Self-Alignment Techniques

Dan is available for private sessions at his studio in Joelton and other locations.

For pricing and availability, please contact Dan directly.

Contact Dan Craft:

(615) 584-1966 (cell/text)

(615) 746-0578