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How to Choose and Clear A Pendulum

How to Choose and Clear a Pendulum

How to Choose a Pendulum

As with most intuition type tools, it is best to let the pendulum choose you. I don’t mean that you should expect it to jump into your hands, but…it might!

Really though, by letting it choose you, I mean that if you pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when shopping for a pendulum, you will know which one is the right one for you. You may just be attracted to a certain kind or color. You may get a good feeling from one as you hold it in your hand. Or you may go into the shop with the intention that you will find the precise pendulum you need and thereby alert that pendulum to your presence.

Remember that thoughts are energy and they can attract things into your life – such as the right tools. I purchased my pendulum online. You might think that there is no way to “choose” a tool that exists in a warehouse miles away, sight unseen. For me, I saw a photo of a similar pendulum and I was attracted to it. When I decided to buy that type, I sent out an intention to “my” pendulum. What I believe happened next is that the person whose job it is to pick and box items at the online company consciously or unconsciously picked “my” pendulum, boxed it and sent it to me.

For this company, Healing Crystals – A Metaphysical Crystal Store, I can pretty much say with certainty that the person doing the picking more than likely set an intention to pick the “right” pendulum for me. She tuned in to my intention and I ended up with the tool that was meant for me. Indeed, the pendulum I purchased is “mine” – we have a connection. As soon as I received it, I knew I had “my” tool.

So before you purchase a pendulum, set an intention to find the one meant for you. Some people tell me that they had no intention when they got theirs, they just got lucky and picked a good one. I don’t believe in luck! They picked the one they have for a reason whether they believe it or not.

That said, you can end up with the wrong tool. But by clearing it and programming it, you may be able to turn the relationship around. If not, there is no shame in trying another pendulum.

This method also works well when choosing other items such as crystals.

How to Clear a Pendulum

Objects of all kinds hold energy. In order to ensure that your pendulum is accurate and in tune to your energy, you must first clear it of all previous energy. Anyone who handles an object will inevitably leave their energy imprint on it. So your first task after bringing your new tool home is to cleanse it.

Your pendulum can even become overloaded with your energy after a time of use, losing accuracy. So regularly clearing your tool is recommended.

There are several ways of cleansing or clearing a pendulum. Sea-salt water is said to be one of the most powerful and quickest ways to clear an object. Typically you’ll leave the object in the salt water for a few hours or longer depending on the amount of clearing needed. But use caution as salt water can corrode chains and cords that are attached to the object.

You can also bury the object in dry sea salt. Normally 24 hours of this will suffice. You may choose to bury your tool in the earth. This is very effective but takes a bit longer. Recommended time for this is one moon cycle – from new moon to new moon for example.

I prefer to clear my pendulum – and all of my crystals – on a regular basis simply by leaving them in full sunlight for a day. You can also leave them under the light of a full moon. If you research the subject, you’ll soon see there are many, many ways for clearing an object. These are just a few suggestions. These methods also work well for clearing other items such as crystals.

Now go on and read: How To Use a Pendulum where you’ll find instructions on activating and programming your pendulum.

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