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Bre Courtright: Reiki Master & Crystal Healing

Bre Courtright: Reiki Master & Crystal HealingBre is a certified Usui Reiki Master since 2014.

Bre has always been drawn to the healing arts and has experimented with various practices over the years on her own healing journey including reiki, qi-gong, shiatsu, acupuncture, sound therapy, crystal and mineral healing, and holistic foods and supplements.

Being an empath, is what drew Bre to Reiki.

Walking into a room and picking up on the various energies and feelings of others, made it crucial for Bre to discern what is hers and what belongs to someone else.

As she honed and developed her healing gifts, she noticed people vibrating at different frequencies and it peaked her curiosity as to how we could raise our individual vibrations and achieve greater heights energetically, reaching our potential.

As a former competitive dancer and collegiate cheerleader, Bre understands the energetic highs and lows that go into creating and performing an art.

Reiki can help unlock energy blocks that interfere with peak performance and creativity, while also providing stress reduction and energy stabilization.

Reiki allows Bre to be a channel for the universal life force energy to help restore her client’s body and its energy systems to optimal form and balance.

She best describes Reiki as recharging your energetic battery.

Bre is an advocate for finding balance and healing through natural, holistic practices.

Along with her love of energy work, she immerses herself in music, fitness, and metaphysical studies.

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