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The 21-Day Reiki Cleanse: What You Need to Know

Why Should I Do The 21-Day Reiki Cleanse? The 21-Day Reiki Cleanse and self-healing period is a critical stage to go through! The cleanse will make all the difference in yourself and your healing. As a healer, you have a responsibility to be as cleansed as you can be to be the most effective … [Read more...]

How to Choose and Clear A Pendulum

How to Choose a Pendulum As with most intuition type tools, it is best to let the pendulum choose you. I don't mean that you should expect it to jump into your hands, might! Really though, by letting it choose you, I mean that if you pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when … [Read more...]

The “Reiki Sandwich” Technique

Make your friends, family, and pets feel better fast! Upcoming Events: Visit Our Website: The "Reiki Sandwich" technique works like a 3D heating pad on an injured area. The person receiving the treatment not only gets an … [Read more...]

Balance Chakras Quick & Easy With a Pendulum & Crystal

Learn a quick, easy way to balance chakras. Works for beginners and experts alike! Upcoming Events: Visit Our Website: Learn how to check chakras with a pendulum and clear/balance chakras with a lead crystal … [Read more...]

Herbal Blends for Stress and Sleep

Herbal Blends for Stress and Sleep Herbal blends do a great job at relaxing and relieving stress! The "Deep Sleep and Incredible Dreams Formula", in particular, really knocks me out! An important thing to remember when working with herbal formulas is the fact that herbs can interact with … [Read more...]

Insomnia Formula Herbal Blend: Natural Remedy for Sleep Problems

Have trouble unwinding at bedtime? Add  Insomnia Formula Herbal Blend to your evening routine and watch how easily you drift off into peaceful slumber! Insomnia Formula Herbal Blend Recipe can easily be made into a tea, infusion, tincture, or even be smoked in a pipe! All of the herbs in … [Read more...]

Deep Sleep and Incredible Dreams Herbal Formula

The Deep Sleep and Incredible Dreams Herbal Formula brings about incredible dreams! It helps you rejuvenate on nights when you don’t have enough time for sufficient sleep. Use 1-ounce herbs to 1 pint of water or 1 tablespoon of herb to 1 cup of water. Let steep 20-30 minutes and drink before … [Read more...]

Attend a Reiki Share and Learn How Reiki Will Save The World

Why should you learn about Reiki and attend a Reiki share regularly? Reiki Share is a gathering of people interested in creating a better world. That may sound pretentious, even ridiculous to some. But at the core of the work of every energy healer is the idea that if we all as people can achieve … [Read more...]

Shinrin Yoku: Forest Bathing – Let The Woods Be Your Path to Health!

Have you ever noticed that walking through the woods makes you feel better?  Well, you might find this interesting! Shinrin Yoku: Forest Bathing According to Joan Maloof, author of "Teaching the Trees, Lessons from the Forest",  Japanese researchers studied the benefits of walking through the … [Read more...]

Can Vitamin C Cure? Try for Yourself and Find Out!

Read on for an amazing paper by Dr. Robert F. Cathcart. Dr. Cathcart's Medical Hypotheses, 7:1359-1376, 1981, shared below, explains his use of Vitamin C in treating disease an how he titrates to tolerance. Cathcart's work also shares his recommended dosages for treatment, compiled through his … [Read more...]