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About Joyce Dierschke

Joyce Dierschke is a Reiki Master, writer, artist, traveler and outdoor enthusiast. She co-owns the successful website and business with Becki Baumgartner, offering information, inspiration and instruction in Reiki and energy healing, herbs, phenomena, spirituality, intuition and more. She holds a B.A. in Mass Media & Communication and worked in the television industry for 10 years.

Through, Joyce and Becki offer private Reiki Sessions and private Reiki Classes & Training as well as Group Reiki Classes and Training.

An experienced hiker, camper and kayaker, Joyce understand the healing power of spending time in nature. She currently works for a large outdoor apparel and equipment retailer and teaches classes in navigation, hiking and camping.

When she is not practicing or teaching Reiki or educating and outfitting people for outdoor recreation, Joyce spends time with her two lovable and active beagle-mix pups, Katie and George.

How to Choose and Clear A Pendulum

How to Choose a Pendulum As with most intuition type tools, it is best to let the pendulum choose you. I don't mean that you should expect it to jump into your hands, might! Really though, by letting it choose you, I mean that if you pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when … [Read more...]

Attend a Reiki Share and Learn How Reiki Will Save The World

Why should you learn about Reiki and attend a Reiki share regularly? Reiki Share is a gathering of people interested in creating a better world. That may sound pretentious, even ridiculous to some. But at the core of the work of every energy healer is the idea that if we all as people can achieve … [Read more...]

Living the 5 Reiki Principles

 Living the 5 Reiki Principles can put us back on the road to enlightenment. If you read books on spirituality, attend talks or classes on metaphysics or study any of the so-called "new age" philosophies, you may have run across the idea that now should be a time of enhanced enlightenment. We are … [Read more...]

Reiki for Pets: Animals Benefit from Reiki

We often get asked the question, “Can I do Reiki on my pets?” The answer is a resounding YES! Animals crave Reiki perhaps even more than people and they can benefit greatly from regular Reiki treatments. Reiki can also strengthen your bond with your pet and enrich your relationship with … [Read more...]