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Attend a Reiki Share and Learn How Reiki Will Save The World

Attend a Reiki Share and Learn How Reiki Will Save The World

Why should you learn about Reiki and attend a Reiki share regularly?

Reiki Share is a gathering of people interested in creating a better world. That may sound pretentious, even ridiculous to some. But at the core of the work of every energy healer is the idea that if we all as people can achieve optimal health – physical, mental and emotional – then our world will naturally be improved as well.

I’ve been co-officiating a weekly Reiki Share with a core group of healers for many years now. Reiki Shares go on all over the world, but if you’ve never heard of it before, you’re not alone. We’re not hidden by any means, in fact we do a good amount of promotion for our Shares, events and classes. Most of our participants find us via social media –, Facebook, etc. But more and more people are finding us via word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family who have experienced Reiki and know first hand how it can change a life.

What is Reiki Share

Our Reiki Share is a warm, welcoming environment open to anyone interested in learning about energy healing. At the Share, you can receive Reiki, give Reiki, or just observe. Most will feel the energy just coming into the Share room. The atmosphere is relaxed and calm. We do a lot of talking in our Share. We not only want to share the Reiki, but the science around energy healing. Having information and then seeing the healing happen is not only a powerful experience but it is a confirmation that we humans are capable of amazing things, naturally.

The point we are really interested in getting across to people at the Share is that we are all born healers. We are powerful beings. We can do so much more for ourselves and our fellow humans than we are permitted to believe. But we have to start believing it. The world is in peril. We are in peril. And we can turn it around. Yes, we can. Caring for the world is our destiny not to mention our responsibility.

Why do I say the world is in peril?

Reiki Share is an eye-opening experience. We witness amazing emotional releases at every Share. World news aside, seeing people release this stress and tension is proof that we are in serious trouble. People will come to the share, many of them have never heard of Reiki, never experiencing anything like it. They are simply seeking…something; a remedy for a physical issue that traditional medicine hasn’t helped, comfort for an emotional problem, or just a safe place to let go.

Every week we witness people releasing the stresses of life on the Reiki table. For some their time on the table is the only time they take for themselves. For many, it is the first time in a long time that they’ve breathed deep into their belly and expelled out their stress, their exhaustion, the toxins from the world. It can be an overwhelming experience. We make sure they feel safe and loved, and they let go – sobbing, crying and some, laughing! It’s all release.

Seeking release and relief

We all need to release. Our modern world deals out more stress that most of us are equipped to handle. This is why our bodies break down. This is why we get sick. This is why we are exhausted most of the time. This is why we miss out on the beauty of life. This is why we are unkind to each other – not just strangers, but even to our loved ones. This is why we sometimes feel empty. This is why people come to Reiki Share. This is why people find us, they seek relief and release. And they find it at Reiki Share.

People come to Reiki Share sick, tired, stressed, lost, depressed, lonely, afraid, sad, at the end of their rope… People leave Reiki Share lighter than when they came in. Many have said it’s like a weight lifted off of them. Maybe it lasts a few hours, a few days or longer. Maybe it only lasts until they get out of the parking lot. But the feeling is undeniable.

They almost all say they will come back again. Many do. Many don’t. It seems we have a problem now with feeling good. Maybe we don’t deserve it. Maybe once we get back into the world we jump back into our comfortable rut. Or the forces that be in our individual lives are stronger than our will to be free of them.

Whether people return to Reiki Share or not, we are there every week providing the healing space. We encourage all to come to our Share or find one near you. Whatever you need or believe, whatever you do afterwards, you will leave Reiki Share changed. And hopefully you’ll help change the world.

Find a Reiki Share

If you’re in the Nashville TN area, you can head to our Reiki website to find our share:

You can also check out: Nashville-Alternative-Healing-Meetup

Outside of Nashville, check with your local holistic shops or Meetups in your area at

About Joyce Dierschke

Joyce Dierschke is a Reiki Master, writer, artist, traveler and outdoor enthusiast. She co-owns the successful website and business with Becki Baumgartner, offering information, inspiration and instruction in Reiki and energy healing, herbs, phenomena, spirituality, intuition and more. She holds a B.A. in Mass Media & Communication and worked in the television industry for 10 years.

Through, Joyce and Becki offer private Reiki Sessions and private Reiki Classes & Training as well as Group Reiki Classes and Training.

An experienced hiker, camper and kayaker, Joyce understand the healing power of spending time in nature. She currently works for a large outdoor apparel and equipment retailer and teaches classes in navigation, hiking and camping.

When she is not practicing or teaching Reiki or educating and outfitting people for outdoor recreation, Joyce spends time with her two lovable and active beagle-mix pups, Katie and George.